The Tools I Use When Traveling

I travel a lot. I mean I’m usually on the road for about two months a year. I travel to meet with friends, see other parts of the world, and for business of course. I live in sunny San Diego and some of the places I often go (like China), aren’t nearly as environmentally friendly.

That is one of the reasons why I’ve learned to bring a few set of items that make my life easier. These items allow me to stay comfortable on the road while staying as clean as I can.

They are listed below:

OLIKA Birdie

I love using Birdie because it doesn’t look like a hand sanitizer container and doesn’t smell like one either. Birdie’s sophisticated scent is a combination of high grade essential oils that evoke the delicious tranquility of a spa on-the-go. They researched, revised and tested more scents than you can count before perfecting this one, because you deserve a hand sanitizer crafted with the precision and loving care of your favorite fragrance.

I also enjoy using Birdie to keep my hand soft. The team at OLIKA challenged themselves to create a product that took irritation and dryness out of the equation. They were so focused on solving the hydration equation, they commissioned a scientific study to demonstrate our formula's power. The results showed that their hand sanitizer improved skin hydration levels after 24 hours in 100% of the study participants!


One of my favorite ways to travel is through deals. I am always on the look out to find a new deal. That is why I got so excited when I heard of Wolfie. This web app is a platform that enables you to request and search for deals in real time.

For example, imagine that you just stepped out of the office and suddenly got a craving for a vanilla cupcake. You could search on Google and simply see sponsored listings, or you could look on Groupon and find a bakery that is discounting their products because they’re just not that good. But you want the best vanilla cupcake, and you want a special discount on it.

Wolfie enables consumers to connect with businesses in real time for deals. When you launch their mobile app, you can search for that vanilla cupcake, and ask for a deal from the bakeries you like. These bakeries will respond with their best deal in real-time. You get to pick the offer you like best for a vanilla cupcake you’ll enjoy the most.

Birch Finance

One of the best ways to travel is through reward points from your credit cards. The hard part of rewards is figuring out which credit card you should use at a given time. Some cards reward more for certain purchases.

Birch was developed to help credit card users find all of the rewards possible. It also manages your subscriptions to make sure you’re not paying too much for anything, and recommends new cards whose rewards coincide with your purchasing history. So, if you’d rather not leave free money on the table, give them a shot.

On your next trip, try using these tools to get the most out of your travels!